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What Is the Process for Taking a Passport Picture?

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Body to Camera Distance

For optimal results, it's advised to maintain a distance of 40 cm from the camera and have someone else take the picture.

Direct Posture

Ensure the camera is at eye level and maintain a neutral expression for optimal results.


Position yourself closest to the light source, such as a window with natural light, to automatically eliminate the background behind you, alleviating any concerns.


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US Passport Photo - ​Requirements

Follow these essential guidelines for your US passport photo:

These passport-style pictures are biometric, providing more accurate and reliable identification by capturing various facial traits. When taking one, stand facing forward and avoid looking away from the camera. Typically, the background should be plain and unpatterned, though this requirement may vary.

The guidelines regarding eyewear and headgear remain unchanged, with the recommendation to be photographed without wearing a hat or glasses, except for prescription ones, provided they do not cause glare that could lead to the rejection of the passport photo.

US passport photo - Dimensions and Size

Consider the dimensions of the image to be submitted, ensuring that the distance from the top of the head to the bottom of the chin measures between 1–1.375 inches (25–35mm), and the distance between the eyes measures between 1.125–1.375 inches (28–35mm) from the base of the photo, not from the base of the chin.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art A.I. algorithm, creating a flawless passport photo is now possible. Our technology seamlessly adjusts the background of the image to meet the specifications of a US passport photo, regardless of where the original photo was taken.

Digital Passport Photo

“Pass-docs-usa.com” enables you to quickly and effortlessly capture a professional-looking biometric passport photo from the comfort of your own home. Our service is designed with your convenience in mind, eliminating the need to visit a professional studio and making the process both seamless and time-efficient.

This software has been designed to simplify the process of taking a picture with your cell phone that meets all the necessary official requirements for a passport photo. It considers factors such as lighting, cropping, and background details, ensuring that your photo will be suitable for official use.

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